Car maintenance basics

Most of us rely on our cars to make daily life possible. From driving to work or school to completing mundane tasks, or just to have some fun, a reliable vehicle is crucial. The best way to make sure your car is ready to go 24-7 is by making sure it is properly maintained. Vehicle maintenance is important on many levels and is best achieved through a combination of owner vigilance and professional help. At Nissan of Canton, we are always trying to pass along our years of experience to our customers, so we thought it would be helpful to offer some of our favorite car maintenance tips and basics.

Read The Owner's Manual

If you're like us, you don't always read the instructions before taking on a task. Well, when it comes to car care, that's not such a great idea. The owner's manual in your glove box is a treasure trove of car maintenance information including:

· When to change your oil, filters, fluids, as well as drive and timing belts

· What kind of oil and gas to use

· Tire pressure readings

· What DIY projects will void your warranty

So make sure to give your owner's manual a full read, it will save you tons of headaches and money over the life of your vehicle.

Things Every Car Needs

No matter the make, model, or style of your vehicle, there are few things that you need to check or have checked often. The first is fluid levels. You might know how to check and refill your wiper fluid, but we also suggest getting to know how to check your oil, antifreeze, power steering, and coolant fluid levels. Some of the other tasks you'll want to become familiar with include:

· Checking battery levels

· Tire pressure and tread wear

· Windshield wiper replacement

These are just a few things, but if you can master them, it will allow you to do your part in maintaining a longer life for your vehicle.

Pay Attention To Warnings

Ok, this one has gotten exponentially easier with the addition of modern technology. With new apps like NissanConnect, drivers not only can operate technology within their vehicles, they can also be warned about problems and reach out to service technicians. If you do see a "check engine" light go on, don't ignore it. It might sound like an obvious maintenance tip, but those warnings are there for a reason, so pay attention!

Finding The Right Technicians

At Nissan of Canton, we understand the temptation to skip the dealership for service. However, we can't stress enough the importance of having Nissan certified technicians work on your Nissan vehicle. These experts know your car inside and out and only use genuine Nissan parts, which allows your vehicle to run at its top performance.

If you want to learn more about the basics of car maintenance, or you need to make an appointment with Nissan of Canton to discuss a particular car care issue or find a Nissan replacement part, don't hesitate to reach out to us today. We're ready, willing, and able to help keep your vehicle on the road for as long as possible!

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