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The first decision a car shopper needs to make is whether they want to buy a new or used vehicle. Let's look at some of the pros and cons of each choice to help you decide which is the right option for you.

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Buying a New Car
Buying a new car has numerous benefits. One of the most desirable is the simple fact that you will be the first one to own it, meaning that it will have less miles and may last longer their used counterparts.

A new car can also be made to order. You can choose the exact features you want, pick your favorite color, and add all your must-have options. With a new vehicle, you can get the latest technology and safety features the manufacturer offers.

In terms of financing, you tend to get better interest rates when you purchase a new car. New cars also come with extensive warranties that can give you extra peace of mind for such a long-term investment.

Unfortunately, new cars tend to require larger down payments and monthly payments. In addition, new cars depreciate rapidly, especially within the first couple of years.
Buying a Used Car
One of the biggest reasons to buy a used car is cost. Compared to a brand new car, used cars can cost way less. When you choose a used car, you skip much of the depreciation loss in value, which is a huge benefit to your wallet.

Another benefit to buying used is that you aren’t restricted to one or two model years. You have endless options to find the ideal make, model, and year that's right for you. This is especially handy if you prefer features, colors, or options that aren’t currently available in new cars.

In terms of financing, taxes, title, and other fees may be lower due to the overall value of a used car. Used cars can be more practical for buyers that are looking for the most bang for their buck. On certain vehicles, there may even be an option for Certified Pre-Owned programs that allow high-quality inspections before the car can sit on the lot giving the new owner peace of mind.

Unfortunately with buying a used car, you aren't able to customize the vehicle and there may be a higher mileage since you are not the first vehicle owner. A used car may not also come with the latest technology if it is an older model.

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