VIP Program
Nissan of Canton is proud to offer an exclusive benefit to employees of local businesses through our VIP program. Our VIP program offers employees hassle-free pricing for new and used vehicles along with a free 3 year maintenance package at no additional charge. This program is offered to all qualifying local businesses with no cost or obligation.
What you'll receive:
1) VIP treatment for the entire sales and service process
​2)​ Lower pricing on new vehicles​
3)​ Fair market value for all​ used​ vehicles
4) Prepaid maintenence package that includes all oil changes and tire rotations for 3 years
​5)​ Too busy at the office to come by? No problem we'll bring the vehicle to you
​6)​ Free shuttle to and from the office for all service
​7)​ Office Demo Day, we'll bring the showroom to your office for you and your co-workers
​8)​ Free enrollment in our One-To-One Rewards program
​9)​ Free carwash by hand with every purchase and service visit

​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ *Program incentives are subject to change, restrictions may apply, see dealership for more details or fill out the form below
How can I qualify?
Step 1:
Work for a local company with 5 or more employees.​ .

Step 2:​
Check the current VIP members list to see if your company has already signed up.

Step 3:
Have a representative of your company fill out the application form.

Step 4:
Once approved begin taking advantage of the exclusive offers Nissan of Canton is providing you and
your company.
What does this mean for your company?
If you sign up for the Nissan of Canton VIP program, you will be offered an exclusive vehicle purchase program for you and your employees. With all the competition in today's workplace to hire the best recruits, exclusive benefits like this will put you ahead in the recruitment process.
How is this different from other supplier discounts offered?
We are offering you the best prices available in addition to any manufacturer incentives available. No need to qualify or purchase during a certain time period, this program is available at all times your company is signed with the Nissan of Canton VIP program.
e-Purchase Option
Move beyond the "tradition sales experience" with our e-Purchase option. You already research your new or used vehicle online why not also complete your paperwork online without ever setting foot in the dealership. We know you're busy; let us fit into your schedule. Don't have time for a test drive? We'll bring the vehicle and the paperwork to your home or office. Vehicle delivery is available in most areas.
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