When is the Best Time to Buy a New Car?

Everyone at one point or another is looking for car deals. We all like to save money, without sacrificing value or what we get in return. Plenty of shoppers wonder if there are times of the year when more car specials and promotions are running, making them ideal for buying a new vehicle. We here at Nissan of Canton love helping you with buying a new car, including shedding some light on this important question.


End of the Year

Some people say that from Black Friday to the end of the year is an ideal time to buy a new car. The fact is that’s backed up by various organizations that have analyzed car sales data, including Edmunds.

Several factors make the very end of November and the whole month of December ideal for vehicle shopping, if you like to save money. Many dealerships are unloading the outgoing model year, and to do that offer big discounts. They’re focusing on clearing out the last of the old stock as the new model year is coming in. That can mean more money off MSRP and bigger incentives to purchase.

In addition, both dealerships and automakers love to close out the calendar year with high sales. This makes investors and others happy, which is good news if you’re in the position to buy during the holidays.

Of course, this is general information. You might find that at some dealerships the stock is tight during December, and prices aren’t deeply discounted.


Model Years

To get a good deal, you can buy a new car when the new model year starts arriving at dealerships. The timing on this one depends on the brand and model you want. Often, new models start hitting dealerships in the late summer and fall, but for some vehicles it can be at other times of the year.

This requires some planning ahead, so you’ll need to start thinking about getting a new car before it’s a real need, if this is the strategy you want to use. For most people, they spend several weeks shopping before buying a vehicle, instead of planning months in advance.



Many organizations have studied the data and seen a trend of better deals on weekdays. It makes sense, since dealerships are busier on weekends, when most people aren’t working and can dedicate more time to the process of looking for that perfect vehicle.

U.S. News & World Report takes it a step further and says Mondays net the biggest price discounts. Tuesdays and Thursdays are the next best days, on average, for discounts. That doesn’t mean you won’t get a good deal when buying a car on the weekend. But it doesn’t hurt to go during the week, if possible.


Other Factors

Data analysis run by different organizations show that what kind of car you’re looking to buy dictates when, on average, is the best time of the year to buy. Midsize crossovers are most deeply discounted in May. The sweet spot for pickup trucks is October. Sedans see big discounts in November.

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